Enter the user ID that you have received beforehand by post. Please make sure to use the correct spelling when entering your ID (e.g. differentiate between upper and lower case characters).


Now, enter the temporary password.
When accessing the system for the first time, you will automatically be asked to change and confirm the password.


The special conditions for online banking will now be shown, which we ask you to check and accept. You may save or print the documents for your records.
However, we would be happy to provide you with this information and these conditions again at any time on request.


You will now be asked to enter your valid email address. It enables us to communicate with you digitally in future in order, for example to inform you when entering a new document in the mailbox or when resetting your password. Please enter your e-mail address again in order to be able to detect and correct any input errors.
Once you have clicked on the button "Apply now for binding access", we will grant you access and you will be automatically transferred to online banking. The home page is the "Financial statement".
You can view other accounts assigned to you selecting the menu item "Customer number"

Blockings and loss of access data

For security reasons your access to ONLINE-BANKING will be blocked if your password is incorrectly entered three times in a row. The blocking of your password can be revoked. However, if you can’t remember the password, we have to send you a new password by mail. Meanwhile the access will be denied.
In case your personal user ID got lost, we have to send and new user ID an Password by mail. Meanwhile the access will be denied.
In any case please contact your personal consultant in the bank.